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IBEC: Innovative Building Energy Controls

Custom Builders of  High Efficiency HVAC Systems with HALO Motor Technology 

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IBEC net positive + rtu and How we build them:

High efficiency hvac:

Custom Designs of HALO Motor Technology for Extreme High Efficiency HVAC Applications:

  • Net Positive HVAC Systems
  • Belt-Less Blower Systems 
  • Utility Rebate Trade Ally
  • DECStar HALO Blower Technology 
  • IAQ Improvements
  • Make up Air Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • 26-30 SEER HVAC systems
  • CRAC Computer Room HVAC
  • Arc Suppression
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Troubleshooting / Diagnostics
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • WiFi Thermostats with Programming
  • Real Time Monitoring

Case Studies of Completed Projects:

Case studies about Bes-Tech technologies including Digi-RTU, Digi-CRAC, and Digi-VAV, Adanced Roof Top HVAC controls, DEC Star blower systems, and Novatorque drives / motors.

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1035 E 23rd Street Ste. 1

Lawrence, KS  66046

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IBEC Net Positive HVAC (pdf)


Net positive hvac systems

IBEC NET Positive HVAC systems use 65% - 80% less energy than traditional HVAC:

Full Variable Air Volume and Variable Refrigerant Flow makes these the most efficient HVAC systems available anywhere.

IBEC HVAC systems use patented magnetic drive blowers and state of the art control systems that traditional manufacturers do not have.  

DECStar HALO motor technology uses a fraction of  the energy of traditional motors and blowers,  and speed controlled compressors offer the most efficient and intelligent heating and cooling technology available today with unmatched indoor air quality improvements.

IAQ: Indoor air quality

Lower CO2 Levels and Reduced Contaminants:

IBEC HVAC Systems are specially designed for higher IAQ.  Our controllers detect CO2 levels and bring in outside air as necessary, while our DECStar blower technology operates at higher pressures, allowing the use of more restrictive filters with carbon particles and other pollutant removing media.

Learn More

Contact your local, State or Federal .gov website to find out more on IAQ improvements and what the acceptable levels are.

EPA IAQ info

TCO: Total cost of ownership

Making Your HVAC System an Asset Rather than a Liability:

Email us for an analysis of the size of HVAC system and number of units and we will provide you with a net present value and total cost of ownership spreadsheet.  IBEC HVAC systems pay back quickly and avoid operational costs better than any HVAC system available.

We target achieve a  final efficiency of 26-30 SEER (16-19 EER)

For example, a 5 ton IBEC RTU has a net present value of  $38,012 over 25 years.

(.13 cents per kWh blended rate)

retrofit vs. replacement of hvac systems

How do I know if I need retrofit or replacement?

Email us for a site survey.  We will identify the existing equipment and its age to make the determination if it can be retrofitted or needs replaced.

Site surveys at no cost to the consumer or building owner:

There is never any cost to have an evaluation on your systems and a value based proposal with expected energy reductions.  We will provide a carbon footprint reduction as well.

Retrofit vs. Replacement ROI? Which one is better?

Generally if the system is 10 years old or older, we would recommend a replacement of the equipment with pre-retrofitted systems.  Though retrofitting is more cost effective and has better returns, new equipment can be far more efficient in the long run.

The value of new equipment:

New equipment installs provide better energy reductions and long term energy and operating cost solutions.

Solving heating and cooling issues with DECStar HALO technology:

DECStar isn't just about energy savings.  The unique blower design has higher pressures than typical HVAC blowers and can move more air under greater resistance.  If you have a room in your facility that never gets any air, DECStar could be the solution to restrictive ductwork.

Can I have this technology in my home?

In most cases, yes.  If your home HVAC system is at least 3 tons in capacity you would be able to retrofit in the DECStar blower technology.  We can build a new home system for complete change out or new construction as well, starting at 3 tons capacity.

roi & payback analysis on 20 ton HVAC system:

20 Ton Example & Energy Savings ROI; Omaha, NE (pdf)


Energy Usage and Payback Calculator- 20 Ton; Phoenix, AZ (pdf)


dependable belt-less applications for hvac

critical application hvac:

Where dependability is a must:

IBEC HVAC is all about dependability and efficiency.  We build each and every unit with critical applications in mind.

Belt-Less DECStar Halo Blower Technology -

Daycare Facilities



Dental Clinics


Federal and State Buildings

Our belt-less systems prove to be the most dependable and maintenance free HVAC systems available anywhere.

We offer the best warranty in the business:  Standard 5 years parts and labor, with a 10 year warranty on the compressor(s).  Extended warranties can be arranged.

net present value & Total cost of ownership

IBEC HVAC systems have high NPV and low TCO.  Click below to download a summary on a 5 ton unit:

Coated evaporators on every IBEC unit

Rust kills HVAC evaporators

Corrosion causes leaks

Condensed humidity reacts with copper and steel

We coat every evaporator coil

Humidity cannot react with metal

Our evaporator coils do not rust

arc suppression

Arc Suppression:

 NOsparc® arc suppressors limit risk to motors and other important equipment by protecting the contact points of the power relay, contactor, or snap action switch that controls the device. NOsparc products are designed to protect the contact points from premature destruction due to contact current arcing.   Every IBEC HVAC system uses the NoSpark device.

Learn More About Arc Suppression

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Ultemax motor

The Game Changing ULTEMAX Axial Motor:


UlteMAX™ motor is the new addition to the Marathon® Motors family.

Its hidden axial HALO design and custom control offers an overall footprint reduction of at least 50%* while maximizing output over a wide range of speed for air handling and ventilation applications.

UlteMAX™ motor’s product profile enables flexible mounting options, on-site customization and future upgrades.

Learn More

An ULTEMAX retrofit can have energy reductions of 50% or better.  Motor size ranges from 3-15 HP.  


reliable yaskawa drives

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Custom Builders of IBEC Net Positive HVAC Systems


Digi-CRAC    Digi-VAV

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Sync Belt Drives

DECStar Blowers for Restaurant Hoods


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DigiRTU Brochure (1) (pdf)


Dec Star Spec Sheet (pdf)


U of Phoenix Digi-RTU MV Report 11_4_2014 (pdf)


Warehouse Digi-RTU MV Report_Nov 2014 (pdf)


Digi-CRAC Brochure (pdf)


DECStar Spec sheet Restaurants (pdf)


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IBEC Net Positive RTUs (pdf)